Fullfilled dreams

The wooden design pieces by Stefan Knopp embody fascination, captivating architects, interior designers, and clients globally. With their modern aesthetics and the irresistible charm of wood, they establish new benchmarks in the luxury sector. These creations exude a magnetic allure, elevating the spirits of design enthusiasts. His works narrate tales of elegance, individuality, and style. SK's creations evolve into icons of contemporary luxury, finding their place in esteemed homes, hotels, and exclusive living spaces worldwide.

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  • Janey Butler

    Cotswold / England
    Janey Butler Cotwold Manor Dining
    We specialize in top-tier residential projects characterized by design-led craftsmanship, creating stunning, elegant, and timeless spaces for our clients.

    Janey Butler

    Jeany Butler realisierte eine atemberaubende Renovierung des Herrenhaus-Projekts im Herzen der Cotswolds. 
Eine Kombination aus den feinsten Naturmaterialien und luxuriösen Oberflächen schafft einen zeitlosen und authentischen Look. Das Design umfasst hochwertige Materialien wie Dinesen Eichenboden und Clayworks Putzwände. 
Ein wunderschön handgefertigter, maßgeschneiderter Kronleuchter von dem renommierten Lichtdesigner Andrea Braescu, ein französischer Kamin aus dem 15. Jahrhundert, der wiedergewonnen und restauriert wurde, eine maßgeschneiderte Weinstube und Sitzbereich, alles vereint durch eine Kombination von kunstvoll maßgefertigten Möbeln von Stefan Knopp und stilvoller Gestaltung im gesamten Raum.

    Stefan Knopp, fügte einen einzigartigen, handgefertigten Holzakzent hinzu, der die Schönheit und das Erbe dieser Raumgestaltung perfekt ergänzt.

  • Yvonne Hennes

    Mallorca / Spain
    Yvonne Hennes - MALLORCA / SPANIEN
    When embarking on a new project, there is no room for chance. With a keen eye for details, I create harmonious, modern, and elegant living spaces.
    Yvonne Hennes 
    Interior design

    In this modern finca, the interior design team led by Yvonne Hennes has left no detail overlooked, creating a luxurious yet minimalist design with exciting and unique details. The aim was to blend natural materials with exclusive interior design to offer guests an experience of the true charm of Mallorca.

    The specially crafted woodwork by Stefan Knopp is present in every room, imparting an exceptional style to the finca. This holistic concept seamlessly combines art, functionality, and the soul of the island in a remarkable manner, ensuring guests an unforgettable experience.

  • Prime Properties

    Kitzbühl / austria
    Prime Properties - KITZBÜHL / ÖSTERREICH
    We love to create
    sublime living experiences.
    We build homes,
    not houses.
    Philipp Magin
    Prime Properties

    In Kitzbuhel, alpine lifestyle meets Tyrolean coziness, and tradition merges with innovation. Over the last few decades, this region has evolved into a year-round destination in the Tyrolean Alps. Here, the tranquility of a mountain village intertwines with the vibrant life of an internationally renowned hotspot in a fascinating manner.
    Throughout the year, the region unveils a picturesque backdrop — from idyllic lakes in summer to breathtaking autumnal colors and the snow-covered mountain scenery of the world-famous winter sports area.

    Prime Properties values the location of Kitzbühel for building luxury homes. Wooden creations by Stefan Knopp establish a harmonious blend of nature and luxury, reflecting the beauty of the Kitzbühel region in a seamless manner.

  • Kasia Malinowska

    Lodge / Poland
    Kasia Malinowska - LODGE / POLEN
    The modern era is like a fresh breeze sweeping through the interior design scene in Poland. It brings innovation, style, and a new way of life to the country.
    Kasia Malinowska

    In the picturesque heart of Poland, a unique masterpiece is taking shape: a new house with an expansive equestrian facility, crafted for horse enthusiasts and modern luxury. This impressive estate combines the majestic beauty of nature with the minimalist interior design by Kasia Malinowska, transforming the residence into an oasis of contemporary lifestyle. Clean lines, natural materials, and thoughtful spatial arrangements create a harmonious environment that merges comfort and aesthetics at the highest level.

    Here you experience the best of two worlds: the tranquility and serenity of Poland's rural surroundings, coupled with the elegance and comfort of a modern lifestyle. The custom wooden creations by Stefan Knopp add a distinctive touch, shaping the interior design of this house by seamlessly integrating the beauty of nature into the modern luxury experience.

  • Egetemeier

    Munich / Germany
    Egetemeier - MÜNCHEN / DEUTSCHLAND
    The awareness of objects turns furniture into home decor. For us, appreciation is an essential part of aesthetics.
    Petra Egetemeier
    egetemeier wohnkultur

    The Egetemeier Atelier, rooted in the tradition of French 'ateliers' or creative workshops, provides a space for sensual planning and design experiences. Here, customers can develop a deep sense of the spaces they want to inhabit through valuable samples and materials. The exclusive atmosphere allows the Egetemeier team to collaboratively stage highly personal living environments with their clients.

    At the heart of this creative endeavor is the table, serving as the centerpiece of Stefan Knopp's Atelier. It is a space where ideas are born, and concepts are developed to form the foundation for unique living spaces. The fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern design is reflected in every detail, and the table serves as a hub for exchange and inspiration, where visions come to life.

  • Saint Charles

    Shop Design / EU
    Saint Charles - SHOP DESIGN / EU
    Tradition is not the
    adoration of ashes but the
    passing on of the flame.
    Jean Jaurès

    In July 2022, a Saint Charles store was opened in the city center of Salzburg. Housed in a historic building from the 14th century, near the Festival Hall, the brand adopts a unique store concept. Covering approximately 50 m2, it immerses visitors in a haven of well-being that engages all senses and makes natural products tangible. Handcrafted, organic materials emphasize the connection to nature and underscore Saint Charles's passion for design and regional craftsmanship. For example, the tiles are from ceramic artist Matthias Kaiser, and the natural cast floor is from the company Senso, providing an extraordinary, sustainable solution due to its plant-based ingredients.

    Notably in the furnishings, the solid oak wood cubes are crafted by the carpenter Stefan Knopp, and black steel shelves are a work of iron craftsmanship by Wolfgang Ure.

  • Lanserring

    New York / USA
    Lanserring - NEW YORK / USA
    Fotos by Thomas Schauer
    We bring together world-class design and craftsmanship. We share a deep-rooted respect for traditional artisanal techniques and exquisite natural materials.
    Bernd & Johan Radaschitz
    Lanserring Designs

    LANSERRING creates custom kitchens, furniture, and lifestyle products that redefine contemporary luxury. Under Creative Director Alex Beaugeard, our designers work according to firm principles but have the freedom to craft something unique for each customer. We eschew compromises and prefabricated parts, opting instead for fully bespoke creations that reflect the individual story and needs of our clients.

    Stefan Knopp is an invaluable partner whose expertise and passion for outstanding design align perfectly with our philosophy. With his support, we ensure the highest quality execution of our projects, providing our clients with an unparalleled, personalized experience.

  • Yvonne Hennes

    Mallorca / Spain
    Chameleon - Yvonne Hennes - MALLORCA / SPANIEN
    Chameleon in Mallorca is not just an architectural project but an artistic masterpiece that redefines the boundaries of modern design.
    Yvonne Hennes
    Interior Design

    This fascinating dream house, named Chameleon, is situated on a hill in the exclusive residential area of Son Vida in Mallorca. Positioned on one of the most beautiful plots on the island, it offers breathtaking views of the sea and the port of Palma. A special setting calls for unique architecture. The property captivates with a modern architectural style, abundant light, and a beautiful Mediterranean garden that surrounds the house. These features have been stylishly showcased by the Yvonne Hennes team.

    Stefan Knopp's wooden tables and objects seamlessly integrate into the modern, Mediterranean ambiance. The natural beauty of the wood complements the architectural splendor of the house, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

  • Steiniger

    Bavaria / Germany
    We design, plan, and build timeless architecture and interiors with luxurious finishes. Outstanding ideas emerge from imagination and expertise.
    Martin Steiniger

    Der Neubau des zeitlosen Einfamilienhauses befindet sich in Traumlage an einem malerischen Flussufer. STEININGER bespielten das Interieur als stimmige Komposition aus kubischen Formen, Purismus und raffinierten Details. Schwarz, Braun und Grau sind tonangebend. Weiße Decken und heller Eichenboden geben allem die passende Bühne. Blickfang ist das markante Ensemble aus Kücheninsel und Schrank. Die 5 Meter lange Designküche zeigt ihren expressiven Charakter als massiver Block mit schwarzen Oberflächen aus Naturstein. Das Steininger Team konzipierte beides als monolithische Volumen, die miteinander korrespondieren und Räume strukturieren: In geschlossenem Zustand wirkt der Einbau wie ein massiver Raumteiler zwischen Wohnbereich und Küche.

    Ein reizvolles Detail ist auch der Esstisch mit schwarz gekohlter Holzplatte von By Nature And Knopp.

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